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Online Registration as an EPF Employer Now Easier

Every business owner knows it's the red tape that gets you. It can get pretty troublesome standing in line at government offices, waiting for registration documents and scanning copy after copy of your IC or business registration papers.

Make it easier with a company secretary that's invested in your growth and success. Give us a call today.

Well, good news! The Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (KWSP), otherwise known as EPF, has now made it easier for employers to register themselves. As employers, it is mandatory to register with KWSP, and previously, you were required to go to the counter in order to be able to register.

Now, an employer can register for i-Majikan easily and quickly online. For an easy registration, ensure that:

  • your company or business is registered with the SSM

  • you currently have employees

  • you double check to ensure that all information has been properly entered (mistakes can be costly!)

Head on over to the KWSP website to register yourself now. If you need assistance and need to keep your company compliant, give us a call and engage us as your company secretaries today.

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