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How to Set Up a Recruitment Agency

If you’re looking to set up a recruitment agency, and you’re looking to incorporate your business and obtain licensing, look to us for all your company secretary needs. Give us a call or WhatsApp us today.

When it comes to running an employment agency, there are rules and regulations, as well as different licences depending on the different kinds of employment agencies.

Some general requirements for employment agencies:

  • all employment agencies must have licences to operate

  • these licences must be obtained before the business commences

  • the business must be carried out by an individual who is a citizen of Malaysia, or

  • if the business is carried out by a company, the majority of the shares in the company are held by Malaysians

  • it is compulsory to add the words ”Employment Agency” to the name of the company

Employment agencies in Malaysia are still regulated by the Companies Act 2016, and have to be incorporated as such. If you’re looking for a reliable company secretary to support and guide you through the process of incorporation, as well as assitance with obtaining business licences, give us a call.

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