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Foreigners Setting Up Business in Malaysia

If you’re wondering if foreigners can set up private limited companies in Malaysia, the answer is an astounding YES! Most business minded business owners who are looking to expand their reach to foreign countries often view Malaysia as a great destination to set up their company.

According to the Malaysian Companies Act 2016, a foreigner is allowed to incorporate a private limited company as long as one of the Directors of the company is a resident in Malaysia and has a legitimate residential address here. This is why some foreign clients opt to engage a nominee Director, in order to fulfil the requirement of the law and set up business in Malaysia.

All foreigners can now register a company in Malaysia with 100% foreign equity depending on the nature of business of the company, save for certain industries that may require local Malaysians’ participation such as:

1. Education

2. Petroleum, Oil and Gas

3. Banking and Finance

4. Tourism Outbound and Ticketing

5. Agriculture

Contact us on to discuss your business plans and find out how we can help you register your business in Malaysia today!

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