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Do I need a company registered office?

A registered office address is required for each company that registers in Malaysia.

Every Malaysian-registered company must have a registered office address where its statutory documents, books, and files are kept. The registered office also acts as a hub for business between the company secretary, shareholders, and directors of the company. The registered office's address is crucial because it holds the company's correspondence, records, and data storage. 

The firm's registered office serves as a crucial point of contact for the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM), other governmental organisations, statutory authorities, and private parties that occasionally need to hand in documents to the company. The registered office address must be a place where the business can effectively receive and process official communications. It does not necessarily have to be the location where your business operations are conducted. Many businesses choose to have their registered office at their company secretary's address or utilize professional service providers who offer registered office services.

Within fourteen days of the date of the modifications, the Director of the Company must inform the Registrar of any change to the address of his registered office as per section 47 of the Companies Act 2016 subsection (3).

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