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What is a Board of Directors' Resolution

  • A board resolution is a formal document that records a decision made by the board of directors of a company.

  • It is a legally binding document and it can be used to authorize certain actions, such as the sale of assets or the issuance of shares.

  • A board resolution must be signed by all of the directors in order to be valid.

  • It is typically drafted by the company's secretary, and it is then presented to the board for approval at a meeting.

  • Once a board resolution has been approved, it is filed with the company's records.

Here are some examples of situations where a board resolution might be needed:

  • To approve the sale of a company asset

  • To issue new shares of stock

  • To approve a merger or acquisition

  • To change the company's bylaws

  • To appoint a new director

  • To authorize a major expenditure

Board resolutions are an important part of corporate governance. They help to ensure that the board of directors is making informed decisions, and that these decisions are being properly documented.

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