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What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Company Secretary?

If you've never started a business, you might be questioning why you should be paying a company secretary a monthly charge for your Sdn Bhd. All firms must designate a company secretary, as per the Companies Act of 2016. The company secretary serves as an officer of the company and performs both administrative and advising duties, particularly with regard to concerns of corporate governance and boardroom protocol. These are the eight primary duties of a corporate secretary who aids in your organization's legal compliance.

  • Advice on business governance and registration

  • Ensure sure the business complies with all applicable laws and rules.

  • Record meeting proceedings and resolutions.

  • Ensure the corporate information is current.

  • Record the Financial Year End (FYE)

  • Appoint an auditor

  • Verify the shareholders' and directors' identities, then file the statement of beneficial ownership.

  • Annual lodgement of reports mandated by SSM

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