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Can I choose any name for my business?

To increase the chances that your company name will be approved during the company incorporation process, you should follow the company naming guidelines as published by the Companies Commissions of Malaysia (SSM) when naming your company. This is in contrast to registering for a website domain name, where there are fewer restrictions, so long as the name is available on the domain registrars. If the SSM considers that your company name should not have been registered in the first place, even if it was approved, they have the right to order your business to change its name. Here are some guidelines to follow while selecting a name for your business.

  • Correct usage of language and spelling

  • Uncommon and non-generic names

  • Must not resemble a business name that has already been registered or is in safekeeping

  • Names that are derogatory, offensive, or misrepresent the identity or nature of an object are not allowed

  • Comply to other prescribed general principles

Still unsure? Speak to Leslie at 016-324 0990 for more information.

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