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Can I change my company name once it has been registered?

Changing a company's name is possible and most businesses do so for reasons not limited to the following;

  • The company has undergone a change of management

  • The company has undergone a change of shareholding

  • The company has changed its business direction/re-branding

  • The company has changed its business activities

  • The company is going through a rebranding process

  • The company intends to change its name for the shelf company

Your company secretary will be able to lodge the application for the change of name. The procedure includes;

  • Company Name Search Application lodged with SSM

  • Once approval from SSM is obtained, the Board of Directors is to approve on the change of name by passing a special resolution

  • Lodgement of Sec 28 to SSM for change of company’s name

  • Finally, a new Change of Name Certificate will be issued by SSM within 2 working days which is available for purchase

The former company name must be displayed alongside with the new company name for a transition period of 12 months from the date of the change of company name.

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