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5 ways hiring an accountant can save you money

Updated: May 3, 2021

Accounting is the process of recording financial transactions pertaining to a business. The accounting process includes summarizing, analyzing and reporting these transactions to oversight agencies, regulators and tax collection entities. The financial statements used in accounting are a concise summary of financial transactions over an accounting period, summarizing a company's operations, financial position and cash flows.

This is why hiring an accountant can save you money:

1. Tax advice

The taxation law and procedures in all countries including Malaysia are quite complex. Therefore, it is highly important to rely on the advice and help of professional accountants who are familiar with these tax procedures and can help your business in accurate and efficient taxation.

It can help you in saving money because you will only be paying the taxes that you actually have to pay. Without the knowledge of the laws and tax incentives in Malaysia, you can end up paying excessive amounts in taxes. On the other hand, accounting services will make sure that your business is getting all of the available incentives and tax relief to help you in cutting down the tax bill.

2. Prepare financial reports

Financial reporting is one of the most critical parts of any type of business. It is important to make sure that proper calculations are made to generate annual and quarterly financial reports and generate cash flow statements. The purpose of statements of cash flow is to determine the money flowing in and out of the company.

With accurate and reliable financial reporting, you are able to determine the financial health of different parts of your business. You can hire an audit firm in Malaysia to thoroughly evaluate your finances and prepare reliable reports that can ultimately help you in making better business decisions.

3. Business growth

It is the goal of every other business to grow over a period of time. However, it is a common phenomenon that with a rise in the value and sales of a company, its management tends to become more inefficient due to a variety of reasons. Hiring professional accounting services in Malaysia will make sure that you get the best advice about the growth and overall management of your company’s finances.

An accountant is capable of managing all the expenses of company processes like expansion, production, and payroll management. Having an accountant will facilitate the entire process of business growth.

4. Free up your time

When you are running a business, there are many things that you have to manage and consider to make your company successful. As a business owner, you can fully understand the importance of time. By hiring accounting services in Malaysia, you will save a significant amount of time, as the accountants will streamline the accounting functions of your company. You will not have to worry about financial management, as all of these processes will be managed by the auditors and accountants.

Moreover, audit firms will make sure that all of the essential records are thoroughly maintained and important tax deadlines are met to avoid penalties. All of these services will ultimately help you in freeing up your schedule. Hence, you will have more time to spend managing other parts of the business and build strong relationships with the clients.

5. Consulting

Accounting and audit firms work with a variety of businesses in different sectors, so they are fully familiar with the best practices that can help your business. Ultimately, the experience and expertise of the accountants are important in not only saving money but also optimizing the performance of the business.

If you’re a small business or a start up, it might be a smart decision to outsource your accounting function instead of hiring a full-time accountant! More than 1/3 of small businesses are outsourcing their accounting, which is becoming a common solution today. Why? It is very challenging to find a qualified and eligible person at an affordable rate. If you are looking to outsource your accounting, talk to us today at!

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